Friday, February 26, 2010

This Would Be Cool: Twilight with Vampires

From Pride and Prejudice and Zombies to Sense and Sensibility and Seamonsters and The Undead World of Oz, it's very hip (and profitable) of late to take a conventional novel and add in a science fiction or horror theme. Kawnilee of the blog Impish Idea had, therefore, an impish idea: take the mediocre teen romance novel Twilight and add in vampires.

“It just makes sense,” said Vincent Pryzbylewski, author of the upcoming novel. “Let’s face it. Nobody besides prepubescent girls and lonely Mormon housewives wants to read about some airhead girl prancing about with her sparkling ponce of a boyfriend. But the series has some fans, and I was just sitting there trying to think of something I could do with it, and it hit me. Why not put some vampires into this book? Instead of having a boring cookie-cutter romantic urban fantasy, you have a kick-ass novel that someone would actually want to read!”

She has an excerpt of this forthcoming book at the link.

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RevAnne said...

Cool indeed. Certainly better than the current series. Toothless "vegetarian" vamps? I don't understand the appeal, especially in the last book. But give me real vamps any day, and it could have some potential. For that matter, give me David Boreanaz as Angel. I don't need my vampires to bite anyone, just to look good. :)

John said...

I hope not the Angel of 1st season Buffy, because he was almost as pathetic as Edward. Thereafter he really improved. By the last season of his own show, he was awesome. "I've got the dragon" and all.

I don't need my vampires to bite anyone, just to look good. :)

What is it with you chicks and vampires?

S'okay. My wife can fawn over Spike, so as long as I've got Hottie McHottstuff.